Money missing from register at Waffle House

Published 7:45 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2017

By Alicia B. Hill


Money missing from Waffle House register

On Wednesday morning, LaGrange Police responded to a report that $96.37 was missing from the register at the Waffle House at 1901 Hamilton Road.

The alleged theft was discovered at the end of a shift when a manager counted out the money in the drawer. Upon reviewing the tape, it was found that one of the employees had pocketed a $100 bill while providing a customer with change.

The employee is expected to be charged with theft.


Fish thrown in front yard

Police responded to an incident on the 200 block of Peachtree Street in reference to fish left in the front yard of a property. The homeowner stated fish had been found in the front yard of the home, and the homeowner believed the culprits to be disgruntled neighbors.

The report was turned over to Code Enforcement for further review.


Wallet stolen

Police responded to the 800 block of Dallis St in reference to a stolen wallet Tuesday evening. A light blue, Kate Spade full length wallet valued at $150 was missing when a woman was gathering up her belongings after work. The wallet contained $104 in cash, as well as a driver’s license and Debit Card.

The woman said she received a fraud alert from her bank, stating the debit card had been used at Kroger on Commerce Ave at approximately 5:30 pm to attempt to make a $400

purchase, but the bank declined it and reported it as fraud immediately.

Police issued the woman a case card, then relocated to Kroger on Commerce Ave to attempt to acquire surveillance footage of the offender using the stolen debit card. Upon arrival, police spoke with the manager, who checked all registers for the cancelled transaction, with negative results. The manager stated the online report for the self-checkout registers would be checked the following day, due to it not being available until around 1:30 am each day.