Woman’s car damaged after alleged hit and run

Published 8:00 pm Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Public Safety

A woman’s car was damaged in a hit and run incident on Commerce Avenue near the Citgo gas station on Tuesday afternoon. The car had moderate damage on the passenger side rear quarter panel. The woman said that she was traveling westbound on Commerce Avenue when an unknown male driver allegedly hit her vehicle as he was exiting the driveway of the Citgo gas station. The male driver then pulled into the Captain D’s parking lot nearby. The woman said that the driver then exited the parking lot and told her that he would be right back. The woman said the driver then entered the Krystal’s parking lot and left it at a high rate of speed toward the rear parking lot of the Planet Fitness.

Woman’s wallet stolen from car

A woman’s wallet was allegedly stolen from her car on Robertson Street between 5:40 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday. The woman’s wallet contained her driver’s license, social security card, BB&T bank card, and her food stamp card for a total value of $60. The woman said she did not see or hear anyone around her vehicle at any time today. The woman said she knew her wallet was left in the car when she drove her son to work that morning.

Woman leaves money at restaurant, returns to find its gone

Cash from a woman’s paycheck was allegedly stolen from the counter of the McDonald’s on Vernon Road on Tuesday. The woman said she cashed her weekly paycheck at her bank, and left it sitting on the front counter of the register area of the restaurant. She said she took $10 out of the $432.89 she had in money stored in the paper bank envelope and paid for her meal.

The woman said she realized the envelope was missing after she left the restaurant, and returned after being unable to find it anywhere at her home.

The manager at McDonald’s said she reviewed the security camera footage, which showed another woman pick up the envelope. The woman then left the building and pulled up in the drive thru to the second window. An employee allegedly leaned out the window, secured a $100 bill in her left hand and placed it in her front left pocket of her pants.

Police spoke with the employee and told her if she brought the money back that she would not be charged with a crime. The employee did bring the $100 back.

Police then met with the woman who allegedly took the money off the counter. She gave police $210 of the money and promised police she would bring the remaining $112 to the police department by July 26 at 11 p.m.

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