WPES focuses on school, parent and community ownership

Published 11:58 am Monday, September 11, 2017


School, parent and community ownership in the academic and social achievement and growth of our children is a critical piece to the puzzle of school effectiveness.

It is evident by West Point Elementary School’s Annual Title I/ PTO meeting that the school and parents are on the trajectory for an amazing year. Thursday, August 31 was a night filled with great parent and family involvement at WPE. During this meeting, various important pieces of information was discussed, parents were able to visit teachers and provide valuable input into our grade level compacts, which is a commitment between the school, students, and parents. Parents also evaluated the sessions and were able to provide constructive feedback for a continuous improvement process.

Some of the high points of the meeting were Title I Programs, with an emphasis on what Title I means for the children and parents at WPE, the new expectations for this school year to ensure that all students are learning at high levels while in a safe, productive classroom environment, and the importance of parental involvement and the relationship of the school with the parents and community.

WPE is working to ensure that we are providing a challenging and safe learning environment while empowering our students to be productive citizens in a diverse and changing world.

The foundation is being laid for our students, both at the school building and at home, to be successful. We are striving, as a team, to ensure all students are proficient readers by the end of third grade and that they have proficient number sense and reasoning skills. Parents and community members are invited to attend the next PTO meeting, where WPE will be discussing more pertinent information and continuing to grow relationships to increase student achievement and growth.

WPE believes that by working together as a team it will be possible to put the pieces of the school effectiveness puzzle together for WPE students to continue to succeed and soar high in any and all endeavors they choose to pursue.