Troup school may drop comprehensive from name

Published 9:38 pm Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Troup County School System is considering removing “Comprehensive” from Troup County Comprehensive High School.

At its work session on Monday, the Troup County Board of Education went over the request without coming to a final decision.

According to John Taylor, the attorney for the Troup County School District, the high school got its name in the 1980s when it combined schools with West Point.

“At this time that we built the high school, West Point was considering giving up its high school, and Hogansville was heading under its consideration,” Taylor said.

“West Point went through with it. In order to get some extra funding, there was a program in which you put two high schools together and combined them, and you had an academic program and you had a vocational program.”

It was considered comprehensive because the vocational program was fully run, Taylor said.

“You did not just put those two schools together and teach shop. You had an expanded vocational program. There was extra state funding involved,” Taylor said.

According to the high school’s website, Troup High School was originally built in 1956 before combining with West Point and moving to its current location in 1987.

Taylor said the one thing keeping the board from renaming the school was state funding.

“There’s nothing at all that would keep you from renaming this school Troup County High School, except money,” he said.

“Before you do make the change, I think to check with the state department of education and make sure it’s not going to affect any of your funding for the school.”

The board decided to table the decision for Thursday, according to chair Ted Alford.

“In talking to John Taylor, I think there was some questions way back about consolidating the different school systems and there was some question about the state,” Alford said.

“We just want to be sure we have all the legal things in order to do that.”