Sweetland hosts Craft Beer Festival

Published 9:39 pm Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hundreds of people raised their test glasses to toast at the second annual Sweetland Craft Beer and Musical Festival Saturday afternoon. More than 35 breweries and 100 beers were featured at the event, along with live music.

Bands featured included Blackberry Possum, Early James and the Latest, River Whyless and Larry Keel Experience. Event organizer Keyal Loveland said bluegrass music was a staple for the event.

“I think that a huge part of the festival is the music. We bring on some pretty awesome bands from all over, and I would say we try to target for the festival specifically, bluegrass music,” Loveland said.

Loveland said the event originally was started by the founders of Wild Leap Brew Company.

“The second year was not going to be downtown because [the founders] were opening Wild Leap with the construction and whatnot, so we decided to keep the momentum alive and keep it going. Everybody loved it downtown so much, and Sweetland opened two years ago. We thought what better place for a craft beer festival than Sweetland?” she said.

Loveland said Sweetland was more spacious this year and that they expanded to ten more breweries and 30 more beers.

Newnan resident Larry Wixom said he and his wife, Susan attended the event after coming to last year’s.

“We’re from Wisconsin originally, and they do this a lot up north. When [LaGrange] did it last year, we thought ‘we have to support this,’ so it’s a lot of fun,” Larry said.

United Distributors representative Jordan Gregory said his company attended because it was great exposure and they got to showcase other Georgia beers.

“We just wanted to get a lot of exposure for a lot of the beers we sell because a lot of them are local Georgia breweries. We also have a brewery out of Alabama, so this is a great way to get the name of these breweries and beers for consumers to try,” Gregory said. “What’s so cool about this is everyone has a different style that they like. Some people like more IPAs, some people like darker beer, so we try to have a wide variety and that’s what so cool about this is you’re going to see a bunch of different IPAs and a bunch of different porters.”

College football games were also shown at the festival. Multiple food tents were set up by Mare Sol, Karvelas Pizza Company and Frios for those who attended to pair with their drinks.