LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Crossing guards make it look easy, do a fantastic job

Published 7:53 pm Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Two lovely ladies are outside Troup High School every morning and afternoon, usually on the road commanding traffic and keeping it moving.

The job they do is amazing and as if it was expertly choreographed.

They work together as one flawlessly. It only takes one of them to not be there for anyone to appreciate the job they do.

Recently only one of the duo was on duty.

She had assistance from LPD and from the school resource officer.

The assistance was far from the level of perfection that the two ladies together display and the inadequacy of the replacements was painfully evident.

The replacements were also, on most of the occasions, late.

I’ll just say that a couple of the days during the absence I had a hard time not stopping and helping the lone guard direct traffic.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the safety gear or experience needed to do the job. I felt certain that I could have helped because of how easy they make it look, but I know better.

There is no way it is that easy. If it was, the replacements would perform flawlessly.

These two ladies deserve a huge thank you from everyone that they help. They do the job for very low pay, rain or shine, in darkness or daylight.

To them, I say, “Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate the job you both do.” To everyone else, I’d ask that you please roll your window down and say thank you as you pass them.

Jake Long