Blessed Realty Group opens in LaGrange

Published 10:21 pm Friday, November 10, 2017

For Blessed Realty Group, LLC owner Maria Harris, opening her business Friday was more than a miracle. Harris said the business came together after she was diagnosed with lupus.

“I was so sick and I didn’t put it out there because I didn’t want everybody to know. I didn’t want my clients to feel like they were bothering me so I decided to just keep it to myself and I kept working,” Harris said. “That’s what inspired me to name it Blessed Realty Group because I am truly blessed and I have had a lot of family and friend support from the community. I appreciate it an am forever grateful.”

Harris said she made the decision to use the building for the business so she could have more privacy for her tax company. She said she prayed over what to use it for before deciding to use it for real estate.

“Once I moved here, I just started praying and thinking about it,” she said. “I had started do a lot of my real estate venues over here anyway in the office, so I just prayed about it and looked into it. Everything started falling into place, so I decided to check in and go with it.”

Harris said her goal for the business is to bless and serve its customers.

“I want to get out in the community and help the community and encourage other people to become homeowners because that is truly the American dream,” she said.

Realtor Shanna Alexander said she looks forward to working with Harris.

“She was my mentor when I was at realtor school and she recruited me into the business with another local firm and then she told me she was opening up, so it was an easy switch,” Alexander said. “We’re excited about the growth and meeting new people, and getting out in the community, buying and selling.”