CCRPI scores show mixed results for Troup schools

Published 8:08 pm Friday, November 17, 2017

Earlier this month this the Georgia Department of Education released its annual College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores, which measure how well schools are preparing students for the next level of education.

Like many other school systems in the state of Georgia, the results were a mixed bag for the Troup County School System.

The biggest success story was at Whitesville Road Elementary School, which saw its CCRPI score rise from 55.8 in 2015, all the way to 80 this year. Hollis Hand Elementary School (86.8) was the only school in the Troup County School System to have a higher rating their Whitesville Road.

LaGrange High School also saw a large leap, as its score went from 70.5 to 78 this year. West Point Elementary and Hillcrest Elementary also saw their scores rise in 2017.

Every other school in the Troup County School System saw its score drop between 2016 and 2017. Some of those drops were small and fairly insignificant — Callaway High and Ethel Kight Elementary each dropped less than a point — but others saw large drops.

Berta Weathersbee Elementary School had the lowest score in the school system in 2016 and saw its score drop to 47.3 in 2017. Berta was the only school below 55 in the Troup County School System.

Hogansville Elementary School saw the biggest drop of any school in the Troup County School System, going from 79.4 to 56.9.  Long Cane Elementary (64.3) and Long Cane Middle (64.8) also saw their scores drop by double digits.

The Troup County School System as a whole had an average score of 71.6, just below the state average of 74. The school system was above the state average the last two years, but has seen its score fall from 78.3 to 71.6 during that time.

Over the last five years, all three high schools have seen their overall CCRPI scores rise.

Hollis Hand Elementary and Whitesville Road Elementary also saw their scores rise in that time period. Gardner Newman Middle School had the same score in 2013 that it has in 2017 (64.5).

The other 11 schools in the Troup County School System saw their schools decrease when compared to 2013. The system’s average score in 2013 was 75.6, the second highest average of the last five years (in 2015 it was 78.3).

Nine of the system’s 17 schools have had scores drop every year since 2015. Only West Point Elementary and Whitesville Road Elementary have improved three consecutive years.

All the scores above are overall tabulations, which are determined by four main components — achievement, progress, achievement gap and challenge points.

They are combined for a total CCRPI score of 100, with a possibility of 10 bonus points. CCRPI was redesigned for the 2017-2018 school year to make the process simpler and easier to understand.

The redesigned CCRPI includes five main components: content mastery, progress, closing gaps, readiness and graduation rate (high schools only).

The CCRPI also reports other information, such as school climate, performance of student subgrounds and financial efficiency status, according to the Georgia Department of Education website.

The system saw major strides in the school climate portion of the ratings. In school climate, Troup High School received a maximum rating of five stars, indicating an “excellent” school climate. Callaway High also saw its rating increase from two stars to four stars.

Nine of the 11 elementary schools received a three-star rating or higher, and seven elementary schools saw their star ratings rise when compared to last year.