Knitting group makes hats, scarves for LPD to give out to community

Published 4:38 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Those in need of warm hats and scarves will soon feel cozy. The Knit Witz knit and crochet group from The Active Life Center made and donated 100 knitted and crochet hats and scarves to the LaGrange Police Department Wednesday.

The group also donated more than 200 toiletries to the police department.

Knit Witz member Elain Tankersly said this is the third time they’ve donated to the LPD.

“We do this once a year,” Tankersly said. “We work on the hats all year long, and we work on the scarves.”

Officer Natalie Belcher said the police department gives the hats and scarves to local groups.

“Some of will go to the homeless coalition, some will go to the Harmony House (Domestic Violence Shelter), and just any citizen who walks off the street who needs something warm or a scarf, we will distribute them as long as we have them,” Belcher said. “As long as they come in, we’ll have them.”

It takes about 15 hours for the knitting group to make a hat and scarf bundle.

“We appreciate the thought that they put into all of these hats and scarves because it takes a long time to do them,” Belcher said.

“They do a good job. This will definitely go to the Harmony House.”

Tankersly said the group also knits and crochets for premature babies in Columbus and for hospice in LaGrange.