LaGrange Toyota celebrates 40 years

Published 6:45 pm Monday, December 25, 2017

LaGrange Toyota celebrated its 40th anniversary Thursday night.

“It’s a huge milestone,” said inventory manager Kevin Franklin, “Last year in 2016, it was our best year ever for the store. This year, were actually about 10 percent ahead of last year at this point, so this is going to be our best year ever too. So, to cap it off, 40 years with the best year in the stores sales and profitability and everything goes. It’s a big accomplishment for us.”

Franklin said it means a lot for the business to serve the community for so long.

“Along with lots of other awards that are Toyota specific that we’ve received for year after year after year,” he said. “It really means a lot, every little award that we win, every little thing that we do that we gain recognition from, it means a lot to us.”

LaGrange native James Stogner founded the local Toyota dealership in 1978.

“There was a Toyota store here before 1978. It was called West Georgia Toyota at the time. That franchise changed hands and James Stogner saw an opportunity and bought into the franchise while the other owner was outgoing,” Franklin said.

The dealership is now run by Michael Stogner.

“[Michael and James Stogner] grew up here and it’s just a natural progression. They donate time and money to local schools and charities,” Franklin said.

Throughout the years, the company has given back to the community, including donating a car to LaGrange High School this year.

“We do toy drives for Toys for Tots every year. Everybody that works here is pretty involved in the community and giving back,” Franklin said. “We live here and we want our community to be good. We’ve been blessed by our success and we want to spread that out.”

LaGrange Toyota is located at 1221 Lafayette Parkway. To learn more about the dealership, call (706) 882-2963.