Working on working out

Published 7:08 pm Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It’s no surprise to see gyms filled with people after New Year’s Day. Resolutions to lose weight or exercise more often even gets noticed by the gym staff, said Towne Fitness Club sales manager Laura Hodge.

“Lots of folks with New Year’s commitments (come), and we do see an upswing,” Hodge said. “And we do our best here to interest folks in classes and personal training and getting them acclimated, so that hopefully they will stay with us.”

They even notice when people quit those resolutions soon after starting them, Hodge said.

“We do somewhat see a little bit of a drop, but we work very hard with member relations to keep our folks here and to keep them happy,” she said.

For those who want to get in shape, Hodges said the hardest thing may be coming to the fitness center.

“The hardest thing is getting in the door, it really is,” she said. “So, if you can get in the door, we’ll help you take it from there.”

For those who don’t know where to start with exercising, Goldens Bikes owner Rick Brock recomends setting a goal for something to work toward.

“I usually tell people when they come in for the first time to buy a new bike, to pick an event somewhere down the road,” Brock said.

People who don’t have time to visit the gym can still exercise by walking, Hodge said.

“Outdoor activities are a great way to get some exercise. Walking is an amazing exercise,” she said. “Walking is good and low impact. And it’s a good abdominal exercise too because you’re swinging your arms.”

They can even stretch at home, according to Hodge.

“You could even stretch while you’re watching TV,” she said.

There’s many ways to work out at gyms since they offer group exercise classes and personal trainers.

For those who break resolutions easily, having an exercise partner can help them stay accountable.

“If you’ve got somebody who has similar interests, and you can keep each other interested and challenged, that’s a great way to get back in,” Hodge said. “So, if you fall off the wagon, find a friend and workout together.”

In addition to working out, those who want to lose weight should also eat healthy.

“Healthy eating is a hallmark of any of this weight loss, and just keeping a healthy body weight is important as well as exercise,” Hodge said.