LaGrange Art Museum holds Super Saturday for families

Published 8:20 pm Sunday, January 21, 2018

Every third Saturday, the LaGrange Art Museum holds Super Saturday for children to participate in art projects for free.

“LaGrange Art Museum has been doing Super Saturday since I don’t even know when. I remember when it was Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum, I used to go to Super Saturday when I was these guys age,” said Victoria Slagle, an art teacher with the museum. “So, it’s been a long-standing kind of thing, and just kind of a community engagement, getting the arts out there for the little ones.”

The event has different projects for each month. On Saturday, children and their parents made stain glass art out of tissue paper.

“Technically you’re supposed to bring a little one to come, but I’ve had some adults come without any kids,” Slagle said. “Largely it’s a different kind of project, and I like to find projects that can go between any age range, so we’ve got itty-bitties and 9-year-olds, and I’ve even had teenagers come and have a lot of fun too.”

Remona Sheppard said she took her daughter, Zoe Rose, out to enjoy the day outside their home.

“She’s come to summer camps here before, so we happened upon this today and just like everyone else, we’ve been stuck in the house for three days. There’s only so much cooking and eating you can do,” Sheppard said. “I think it’s a great community service to offer, something free. Everything costs so much usually. This is a great way to get kids involved in the arts and introduce them to things maybe they otherwise wouldn’t be involved in since it’s not any everyday occurrence.”

Slagle said the art session is great time for parents to spend with their children.

“Especially after this week, I think we all have cabin fever after this week,” she said. “And it’s really just a great time, and it gets your kids involved in the community and get to meet other children and learn something new.”