Dispute in parking lot leads to two arrests

Published 8:45 pm Thursday, February 1, 2018

A dispute in the Walmart parking lot led to the arrest of a man who allegedly provided police officers with a false name.

The LaGrange Police Department responded to a call about a dispute between and a male and a female that were allegedly shouting at each other in the parking lot.

According to the police report, the officer who responded asked for identification from each individual and they provided it.

The female, later identified as Tiffany Valadez, asked the officer if he wanted information on a third party, who was standing beside her vehicle.

The man, later identified as Reynaldo Lopez, gave the officer a permanent resident identification card. The card showed the man’s birthdate at 1990, meaning he would be 27, but the officer believed Lopez had to be at least 40. The card also said “void if altered, may be revoked by INS,” which was a red flag for the officer because the Immigration and Naturalization Service ended in 2003 because it went under the Department of Homeland Security, according to the police report.

The officer asked Valadez if the man had given the officer the correct name and information and she allegedly confirmed it. Lopez gave the officer another birthdate, but it also did not come up in the system, according to the report.

The male eventually provided a correct birthdate, which showed he was 41 and had an outstanding warrant through the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, according to the report.

Lopez was arrested for failure to appear (state) and obstruction and Valadez was arrested for obstruction, according to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office arrest/release reports.

Deer damages LPD vehicle

A deer ran into a LaGrange Police Department vehicle that was traveling south on Mooty Bridge Road and near Ashling Street. According to a police report, the deer ran from the side of the roadway and hit the front driver’s side headlight.

It continued down the driver’s side of the vehicle and damaged the front quarter panel and hood area. The vehicle was drivable.

All information in this report is gathered from official law enforcement and public safety reports and releases.