Hogansville police officer resigns after arrest, investigation by Coweta County Sheriff’s Office

Published 2:45 pm Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Hogansville Police Department officer has resigned after becoming the subject of a criminal investigation by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Department.

Daniel William Kemp was arrested on Feb. 2, according to a press release from the Hogansville Police Department, and taken to the Coweta County Jail. Records from the jail show he was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. During the HPD’s administrative investigation, Kemp’s assigned take-home patrol car was inspected and a bag containing suspected marijuana and several items of property were recovered, according to a press release from the HPD.

“We were notified that one of our officers was involved in a criminal investigation at Coweta County,” said Hogansville Police Chief Brian Harr. “Coweta County came down and took Mr. Kemp into custody, and he was placed on administrative leave.”

Kemp resigned Thursday, according to the press release. He had been working with the Hogansville Police Department since February 2016. During the investigation, Kemp had been placed on administrative leave.  Harr said the department employs good officers who work hard and that this is an isolated incident.

“The Hogansville Police Department had a great bunch of people working here. Day in and day out, they do the best that they can to take care of this community,” Harr said. “Unfortunately, we had an employee who made some mistakes, and we’ve dealt with it.”

The Hogansville Police Department has consulted with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation regarding this investigation.