Tribute to be held for Martin Luther King Jr.

Published 11:01 pm Friday, April 6, 2018

A celebration mass tribute will be held for Martin Luther King Jr. on Sunday night at LaGrange College. This past week marked 50 years since King’s assassination in Memphis.

The Americolor Opera Alliance of Atlanta will perform “Celebration Mass: A tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.,” which will feature spirituals, litanies and poetry inspired by King’s life.

“It is a family friendly program,” said Linda McMullen, LaGrange College associate professor of management. “And what we hope is that adults will come with their children. Then when they leave, they can talk about why we did this and who Martin Luther King Jr. was if they don’t know. And (they can) talk about also the richness of the spirituals, litanies and the religious texts that are part of the African American experience.”

McMullen said the event’s litany will be led by Adam Roberts, the college’s chaplain and director of spiritual life. The event is hosted by Our Living History, an initiative that will chronicle the history of African Americans in Troup County, and will be its introduction to the community, McMullen said.

The event will be held on a Sunday since most people will be back from spring vacations by then, McMullen said.

“It’s on a Sunday, so we hope that those who are churchgoers who come and spend their Sunday evening with us,” McMullen said. “But this seemed at the right time because this is when all of the celebrations are happening.”

The event is free and will be held at Callaway Auditorium at 7 p.m.

“This is not an event for just African American people,” McMullen said. “I think all of us have a reason to celebrate.”