Law offices prep for food frenzy

Published 8:17 pm Monday, April 9, 2018

Local law organizations are getting ready for the Food Frenzy Kickoff at Feeding the Valley LaGrange on April 16. Troup County Bar Association president Brett Adams said the kickoff will start a food donation competition between legal organizations and law firms throughout the state.

“The Legal Food Frenzy is a program between the Georgia Food Bank Association and the Georgia Attorney General’s office,” Adams said. “I’ve participated the past two years, and it’s a really great program.”

Food and money donated in the fundraiser in Troup County goes directly to Feeding the Valley LaGrange.

“The food and the donations don’t go to some food bank up in Atlanta or somewhere in north Georgia,” Adams said.

Canned and non-perishable foods can be dropped off at LaGrange City Hall, West Point City Hall or the Troup County Government Center. Adams said any legal organization can get involved in the effort.

“We have a big need here in Troup County. We’ve got about 12,900 citizens who are food insecure,” Adams said. “We’ve got over 7,000 almost 8,000 students who are eligible for free or reduced meals, which means when the summer comes, we don’t necessarily know what they’re going to do for food when they’re not in school.”

Monetary donations can also be given, and one dollar is equal to four pounds of food, according to Adams.

“Monetary donations are the best thing that people can make,” Adams said. “Food banks have amazing spending power, they can buy a lot more than you or I could at the grocery store.”

Adams said he helped start the fundraiser two years ago with the Troup County District Attorney’s Office. The local district attorney’s office will be hosting a donation station this year.

Adams is now participating with Adams, Attorney at Law.

The kickoff will start at 1:30 p.m. Feeding the Valley is located at 118 Gordon Commercial Drive, LaGrange.

“Anyone is welcome to come out who wants to,” Adams said. “Troup County citizens are a very giving group of people, and they really care about each other. And so, it’s always amazing to watch them come out and help support each other like they have in the past two years.”

Monetary donations can be sent to Adams Attorney at Law LLC, P.O. Box 71141, Newnan.