Dunn to hold fundraiser for West Ga. Hospice

Published 9:38 pm Sunday, April 15, 2018

Local singer Kevin Dunn will host “A Night of Worship and Unity” to fundraise for patients of West Georgia Hospice May 4.

This will be Dunn’s third concert for hospice. He said he’s raised more than $14,000 for West Georgia Hospice from his first two concerts.

“There needs to be money there for [hospice patients] to have the flexibility to be able to support whoever they need to support,” Dunn said.

Dunn sings weekly at West Georgia Hospice.

Dunn said the concert will feature gospel and Christian contemporary songs.

“It will be a collaboration of some acapella and music [with instruments] as well,” Dunn said.

The concert will also feature Pilgrim Baptist Church Ensemble, Chosen of Faith Baptist Church and The United Benefit Mass Choir.

Dunn said he is also seeking experienced singers to perform “Lord, You’re Good,” “Here I am to Worship” and “How Great is Our God” at the concert. Those who have participated in choir should contact Dunn at dunn4u@charter.net.

Dunn said he had 60 volunteer singers last time.

The concert is free and an offering for donations will be taken during the concert.

“This pulls the community together too because sometimes on Sunday we’re really segregated because you’re at your church, I’m at my church,” Dunn said. “This brings different denominations together.”

The concert will be held at 7 p.m. at New Community Church on 1200 S. Davis Road.

“Music relaxes, soothes the soul,” Dunn said. “It gives you a chance to forget about everything and just come and worship God collectively. And it calls you to tie into a great service that’s here in our community.”