A Mile in Her Shoes: Walk on Saturday to raise awareness

Published 7:22 pm Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On Saturday, Harmony House along with LaGrange College is hosting Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, an event where male participants will walk in high heels. Harmony House community educator LeKae Ford said the event is an international men’s march dedicated to stopping rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

“So, we’re pretty much focused on what can we do as a community to raise awareness that, yes, rape happens, sexual assault happens, gender violence happens. But what can we do to stop that? What can we do to inform men that they can also be a part of the solution?” Ford said. “That silence is not the answer to that.”

All of the proceeds will go to Harmony House’s sexual assault awareness program. The walk will start at Sweetland Amphitheatre and will proceed around downtown, Ford said.

“It’s actually a really silly way to raise awareness,” Ford said.

Sexual assault advocate Renonda Forney said walking in heels for a mile is a way to indicate that being a victim can be uncomfortable.

“We’re not saying men aren’t sexually abused because they are as well, but the majority (of victims) are females,” Forney said. “This is national sexual assault month, and this is the perfect time to do a demonstration on what we’re doing at Harmony House.”

The nonprofit will have 50 pairs of heels available that are free to rent. Ford said participants should bring an ID if they are renting heels but are encouraged to bring their own shoes.

“Women are more than welcome to participate, they’re more than welcome to walk,” Ford said.

Registration on Saturday starts at 11 a.m. and the event begins at noon. To pre-register, go to harmonyhousega.org and select Walk a Mile in Her Shoes from the events tab.

Registration costs $10 per person, but student fees will be waived.