Wait times out of control

Published 10:01 pm Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dear Editor,

I cannot believe what has become of WellStar West Georgia Medical Center. Last month, I sat in the ER waiting room with a friend with serious medical problems, but yet we couldn’t seem to get any help or service here.

Aside from my friend, I watched as an innocent 7-year-old child had multiple seizures in the waiting room for more than two hours now — a victim, by no fault of her own, of the poor operation of the emergency room. The fear and concern of her mother was unmatched by the hospital staff.

In the hours that I waited,  no concern or compassion was shown to the 15 plus people here. No information was given on the excessive wait, no one able to answer any questions. No one was checking on any patients whose conditions obviously were getting worse. The ones doing triage were obviously unqualified to assess and prioritize patients. A 7-year-old child continued to have seizures in her mother’s lap. Care and concern was shown by all other patients waiting, none from staff. Gone are the days when you could come to WellStar West Georgia Medical Center and feel comfortable and confident that you would receive the utmost in care and attention.

WellStar has done nothing but bring this hospital down. Maybe some of the big wigs should take a few minutes to visit the ER and hear the echoes of concern patients have. Maybe WellStar should go back to the big city and let us return to being a community that has a hospital that we are proud of.

Can you get service here anymore?