Crews is best candidate for commission chairman

Published 8:04 pm Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dear Editor,

Every election cycle politicians stand before the people and espouse about the changes they are going to make if we elect them. 

Granted, there are times change is needed for a variety of reasons, but there are also times you shouldn’t change the horse you are riding.

I feel the latter portion of that statement applies in the case of our current Board of Commissioners Chairman Patrick Crews.

I have known Patrick for 25 years both professionally and personally and feel qualified to endorse him as the best option as chairman in this year’s election.

Success is measured by accomplishment and our county has strung together quite a few accomplishments. Employees of the county have been given raises while budgets have been streamlined.

Making calculated changes and tough decisions has helped create our positive economic situation in our county government.

It is true that with good economic trends, counties like ours can grow.

Not all counties grow even when the economy is booming. For these unsuccessful counties, it is more an issue of poor leadership than opportunity. Our county has recently had both economic trends and good leadership.

Industrial growth is at every turn.

Existing businesses are expanding and new companies are building.

I recently drove down Lukken Industrial Drive and saw multiple “help wanted” signs posted outside of businesses. I have a similar sign posted outside my own business. As a small business owner, I am keenly aware of economics and the methods required to operate within means.

When I see government spending tax money without direction and foresight, it makes my blood boil. It doesn’t take long to recognize bad investments and bad decisions if you understand the risk/reward ratio.

Under Patrick’s leadership, our board of commissioners has made some good decisions that dove tailed well with our development authorities’ direction and city governments’ paths.

Because of the coordination and cooperation with other entities of our county, we are on the path to economic prosperity and growth not seen here in a while.

Patrick is the only candidate who can keep us on this path.