Teenagers allegedly shoplift while holding infant child

Published 10:29 pm Thursday, May 17, 2018

Two women were allegedly involved in a shoplifting and hit and run, all while one of them was holding an infant child.

According to a police report from the LaGrange Police Department, two females — ages 18 and 17 — allegedly took numerous shirts from Dunham’s Sports Saturday by putting them in a stroller. According to the police report, the six shirts stolen were valued at $181.95.

The report lists the description of a witness, who said the women went to a nearby store and asked for an empty shopping bag.  The two suspects then went to a nearby hallway and attempted to put the shirts inside when a Dunham Sports employee approached them.

According to the report, the females ran, leaving the stroller and car seat behind. They also left behind the shirts, a gold iPhone and one of their driver’s licenses.

As they backed out of the mall area, the vehicle they were driving struck a parked vehicle in the parking lot, according to the report. The owner of the other vehicle was walking to his vehicle when the collision occurred.

Officers used a GPS tracker to locate the vehicle. The Hogansville Police Department contacted two females on Boozer Street, but officers advised they would not be able to transport them to jail and the LPD did not have an officer free to travel to Hogansville.

According to the police report, arrangements were made for the females to turn themselves into the police department. One of the two females, 18-year-old Zikerria Desmeon Dawson, turned herself in. As of the time of the police report, the other suspect, had not been to the LPD.

Dawson was charged with theft by shoplifting. The other female will be charged with theft by shoplifting, striking an unattended vehicle, child restraint and operating a vehicle outside her instructional permit.

Two arrested for causing disturbance at restaurant

Jazzmine Simmons, 18, was arrested Tuesday after she and a 12-year-old juvenile threw items at an Arby’s employee. According to the police report, an officer responded to the store on Whitesville Road at 9:20 p.m.

Restaurant staff told police that Simmons, her boyfriend and the 12-year-old juvenile went into the restaurant and assaulted an employee. According to the police report, Simmons ordered her food and began talking to the employee with her boyfriend and the juvenile.

According to the police report, Simmons is seen on video attempting to strike the employee with the change given to her for her order. She missed the first time but struck him a second time in the face.

The juvenile then removed one of her shoes and threw it at the employee, according to the police report. The three were then told to leave the restaurant.

According to the police report, an officer met with the three at Simmons’ mother’s house. Simmon’s boyfriend was given a criminal trespass warning and released.

The juvenile was issued a juvenile complaint form for disorderly conduct and was released to her grandmother.

Simmons was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, according to the police report.

$4,000 worth of items stolen from Home Depot

A man was arrested for allegedly stealing $4,608 worth of merchandise Tuesday at Home Depot. According to the police report, an officer responded to the store on Lafayette Parkway at 10:56 a.m.

The store’s loss prevention officer told police that Calvin Lewis, 39, walked through the store and put several drills, drill bits and lithium batteries in a vanity. Lewis then paid for the vanity at the check-out and tried to leave.

According to the police report, the store’s prevention officer approached Lewis, who then ran from the store.

According to the police report, the officer found Lewis and he was arrested.

Information for these reports is compiled from local police reports and arrest records. Managing editor Daniel Evans contributed to this report.