Time to act on student safety?

Published 7:41 pm Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dear Editor,

Well, we have another school shooting and, as usual, there will be lots of gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands, “discussions,” “meetings of officials” and “requests for studies.” But, what has actually been done to make the schools safer? Here is the Troup County School System local activity as reported by this newspaper since the last tragedy:

Feb. 26 TCSS discusses school safety

March 19 TCSS passed audit

April 20 TCSS approves zoning

April 24 TCSS receives energy use award

April 30 TCSS rebranding

May 3 Lawsuit against TCSS

May 13 After school meals plan implemented

Notice what was not in there? Any action taken to make the students safer. No discussions of more armed security, no screening devices, no adding an intelligence aspect to the school safety program (to gather intel from social media, students, and concerned parents regarding possible troubled youth) — no real action taken.

As usual, we reacted to a crisis, until the crisis was over, then it’s back to business as usual and something else comes along to distract the ADD public. Now, school is almost over and, of course, it will be placed on the back burner because school is almost over. Then, there will be another crisis when we can then offer more prayers and Facebook posts.

We have millions to build gyms, pay for “re-branding,” fight lawsuits and conduct re-zoning’s. I would like for just one board member to be interviewed by the newspaper and tell us what is going to be done in regard to school safety. We now have all summer to concentrate on this. Anyone who thinks that local law enforcement is the only answer should study Parkland until their eyes bleed. Are there courageous police officers who would give just about anything to be there right on the spot next time and shoot the bad guy in the face?

Certainly. But that is not everyone.

Then the issue of response time. No matter how courageous an officer is, there is still the matter of getting to the scene. And the good guy — the capable and courageous good guy — will only be on scene by happenstance part of the time.

And you newspaper journalists, how about holding someone’s “feet to the fire” on such an important issue and not allow it to be quietly swept by the wayside?

Take these administrator’s to task whenever they call to cover such an important matter as “Re-Branding of TCSS” and ask a few hard questions about issues of great importance that seem to have been forgotten, such as the safety of the students, and don’t be satisfied with “we are looking into it”.