Jenkins has been working with FACES since 2003

Published 8:32 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Most people wish they had more time in their day to relax or get tasks done. Family and Children Educational Services volunteer Ericka Compton Jenkins said she wishes she had more time to donate to the nonprofit.

“With me, I wish that I had more time to do what I could do with FACES,” Compton Jenkins said. “I wouldn’t call that a challenge. That would actually be love.”

FACES is an organization that provides programs and services to children and families in Troup County and Chambers County, Alabama.

The West Point native has been with FACES since 2003. She said she was originally on the group’s board before taking time to raise her children and then came back as a volunteer.

FACES co-founder Tara Scott said Jenkins also volunteers with Lafayette Library, Zion Rest, LaGrange College and the City of West Point Youth Services.

One of Jenkins’ favorite programs she volunteers with FACES is Girls First, which is a mentorship program where they build a curriculum around the girls’ needs.

“At their age, they really don’t like to talk to their parents. It’s an outlet to help them manage their mindset and help them focus on making the best decisions for themselves instead of jumping off and not thinking about what they’re doing,” Jenkins said. “I’m an educator, so I enjoy teaching of course, but I enjoy the conversations we have with the children. It’s not just teaching them something. They’re teaching us at the same time.”

She said one of her favorite things about the program is when the women who participated come back and talk to the girls.

“I’ve seen them grow from probably 8, 9-years-old to now some in college. Now, that to me is a growth, and they always come back to FACES,” Jenkins said. “We’ve had them come and talk to other children like themselves, and I guess my thing is to watch them grow and become young ladies.”

Jenkins said she met Scott when they both worked at schools in Chambers County. Jenkins works for Fairfax Elementary School in Valley, Alabama as the media specialist.

“Ericka has developed a strong reputation among a large group of youth and parents for being able to support them through difficult times,” Scott said in an email. “Her cordial approach and dedication made sure that children stayed in school and maintained proper grades to excel. I must say, she is definitely a friend of mine.”

Jones said FACES is like a family.

“We work together, whatever needs to be done, we just do it,” Jenkins said.

Outside of work, Jenkins likes reading and traveling. She is married to Lemoreo Jenkins and her children are Zshmara, 25, Cortez, 21, Corbin, 7, and Cortney, 5.

“She exemplifies outstanding character, passion for helping others, and leadership qualities that escorted her into the position of a board member,” said FACES co-founder Walter Scott.