Library reopens with new A/C unit

Published 3:35 pm Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Bibliophiles and air conditioning fans alike will be pleased that LaGrange Memorial Library is open again. The library reopened Saturday with a new air condition unit.

LaGrange Memorial Library manager Kathryn Adams said they were closed for eight days due to replacing the old air conditioning unit.

“The last couple of days there was no air conditioning and the temp was about 88 degrees in here, unusable,” Adams said. “That’s pretty dangerous for the computer itself, so we closed so we could shut the server down and keep the computer safe and the staff safe too.”

Adams said closing for more than a week showed them how much the community needed the library.

“There were so many people here Saturday,” Adams said. “Throughout that [closed] time we left the book drop unlocked. Everyday some staff would come and unload the book drop and it would be full to overflowing twice every day.”

Adams said she saw so many children Saturday that she thought they had mistaken the day for Wednesday when the library holds story time.

Patron Sue Stewart said she is glad the library is open again.

“My car used a lot of gas coming back here to try to get in,” Stewart joked.

The library was expected to open June 28 but the date was moved back since they were changing out equipment, Adams said.

“They found that the electrical panel was not adequate for the system so they had to reorder that, and it slowed us down a little bit and then we had cranes moving the thing,” Adams said. “For the past several years the system has been kind of spotty.”

Patron Johnny Hurd said he goes to the library with his children Jack and Audrey once a month to check out books and is glad it was open again.

“I love the books,” Audrey said.