Honoring their service: Concert to be held for veterans, first responders

Published 9:15 pm Sunday, July 29, 2018

A benefit concert honoring veterans and first responders will be held at Faith Baptist Church Aug. 4. The praise and worship concert will feature Vietnam veteran Nate Russell Sr., Kevin Dunn, Canaan, Holly & Whitney and Brent Addison.

“Matt [Bishop, over Reboot Combat Recovery] is really passionate about veterans and the reboot program,” Dunn said. “He had wanted to do something to benefit veterans, and JB Brown was a former first responder and he had wanted to do an event for first responders. Canaan and Whitney were passionate about doing a worship concert.”

Dunn said Faith Baptist’s pastor Donald Yancey decided they could combine all three ideas with the benefit concert.

Dunn said there is no charge for the concert, but an offering will be taken. The money raised will go toward paying for participating in Reboot and Firstline, which help veteran and first responders learn how to cope with trauma.

“These are just programs that help families be able to cope better with their loved one’s professions,” Dunn said. “And with Reboot, you hear about the suicide rate, the PTSD and everything that’s going on with veterans. The Reboot program shows a process to better cope with life.”

The concert will begin at 7 p.m. Faith Baptist Church is located at 552 Hammett Road.

To learn more about Reboot Combat Recovery, visit Rebootrecovery.com. To learn more about Firstline, visit Firstlineresponders.com.