Fifty five local puppies adopted at training camp

Published 6:14 pm Sunday, August 5, 2018

More than 50 puppies from the LaGrange Animal Shelter were taken to the Cleveland Brown’s training camp for adoption last week. As part of the Puppy Pipeline, the dogs were transferred to the Northeast Ohio SPCA in Parma, Ohio before being taken to the camp.

“The Browns have a cheering section at their games called the Dawg Pound, and it’s rather infamous up in this part of the country,” said Jeff Kocian, executive director of the Northeast Ohio SPCA. “When we go to their training camp, we have the Puppy Pound and we take puppies there. When a lot of the players comes to the training camp, they’ll bring their wives and children.”

The puppy pipeline takes dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters in the south and takes them to no-kill shelters in the north and midwest, where there are less animals due to strict spay/neuter laws.

Kocian said at the Browns’ training camp, there are multiple activities for families and fans to part take in such as obstacle courses, high jumps and the Puppy Pound.

Kocian said about 180 dogs get adopted during the training camp.

The animal shelter had paired with the Browns’ camp for about four years now. Kocian said one of their board members is the head of public relations of the Browns and put them in contact.

“We’re just very thankful that the animals that we get from your shelter down there are always very healthy, well taken care of,” Kocian said. “They have vet certificates.”

LaGrange Animal Shelter supervisor Chris Bussey said they plan to send 30 more animals out to the Northeast Ohio SPCA this week.

“I know in the past when we’ve sent them to Golden Valley, Minnesota, we’ve had a couple dogs at the Minnesota Twins games,” Bussey said.