Pep rally kicks off PBIS at Berta Weathersbee Elementary

Published 5:59 pm Thursday, August 30, 2018

The students at Berta Weathersbee Elementary soared into the music-filled school auditorium as they were preparing to show their school spirit. The occasion was for the annual kickoff Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports pep rally. 

Administrators, teachers, and students joined in the celebration with face painting, dancing, cheering and rewards. 

Principal Willie Cooks said the celebration is a time where students can learn school expectations and have fun at the same time. 

“The pep rally is important because it motivates the students to have fun, do the right thing and learn about school expectations,” Cooks said. “This is the beginning of the school year, and we want them to know what is expected of them. The staff and administrators felt like this was a great way to kick off the school year.”

During the celebration, teachers took the place of cheerleaders while encouraging students to cheer for the four behavior components that makes Berta the B.E.S.T.: be responsible; encourage others; show respect; and take pride

During the school year, students have a chance to earn Eagle Dollars each week for exhibiting the school behavior tenants. At the end of the week, they have an opportunity to shop at the PBIS store filled with goodies and rewards. 

“The students at Berta have come a long way from the previous years and what was expected of them. We have seen a total transformation. It is appropriate and necessary for us to celebrate their accomplishments, not only at the beginning of August but also throughout the year,” said Cooks, a military veteran. 

“When we have visitors to the school, they constantly comment on the positive atmosphere throughout the building. Our staff and students have been instrumental in making that happen. We look forward to seeing what this year brings to Berta.”