Man enters plea deal in gang, robbery case

Published 6:44 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2018

LaGrange resident Angelo Favors entered a negotiated plea deal Monday of 50 years to serve 35 in prison at Troup County Superior Court for multiple gang, aggravated assault, armed robbery and other charges. Favors pleaded guilty to four counts of violation of the street gang terrorism and prevention act, three counts of armed robbery, one count of criminal attempt to commit armed robbery, two counts of hijacking a motor vehicle, six counts of aggravated assault, one count of kidnapping and one count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Favors, an alleged member of the Sex Money Murder set of Bloods, participated in multiple car jackings and armed robberies in June 2017, according to Jack Winne, assistant district attorney for the Coweta Judicial Circuit.

“The evidence would have shown that Sex Money Murder Bloods are expected and required to commit crimes of violence to take money, as they put it, and otherwise instill fear in rivals and with law-abiding citizens,” Winne said.

“And it is consistent with the expectations that Sex Money Murder places on its members.”

On June 2, 2017, Favors and another male carjacked a man who was sitting in his driveway in LaGrange at 4 a.m. Winne said the two men also robbed the victim of his cellphone and wallet in addition to taking his car.

“The car was recovered abandoned later that morning,” Winne said. “Then, there was a very similar carjacking two days later also in LaGrange … The victim in that case was about to go to work, and she gave a similar description of the perpetrators. That car was recovered abandoned in Lanett, Alabama, later that morning.”

Winne said they found evidence through video footage of another car that was abandoned in LaGrange, and it was recovered on June 4.

“That car, it turned out was stolen in an armed robbery, a hijacking in Columbus on May 24,” Winne said.

Winne said Favors then committed armed robbery on June 14, 2017, where he set up a fake Facebook account and attempted to sell a cellphone. When he met up with the victim, Favors robbed the victim and two others that accompanied them at gunpoint.

Winne said Favors had deactivated his Facebook account after the robbery and reactivated it a week later to set up someone else to rob them with the same premise of selling a phone.

Winne said when the victim was about to leave, Favors got in the back of the victim’s car, pulled out a gun and demanded money. The victim told him he didn’t have any cash, and Favors told him to drive somewhere to withdraw money.

Winne said that victim was eventually able to get away from Favors and call 911. Law enforcement soon determined that it was Favors who committed all of the car jackings and robberies and conducted a search warrant. According to Winne, police recovered car keys to all  of the abandoned vehicles, other stolen property, six firearms, marijuana, gang literature, gang evidence and evidence to other crimes. Winne said law enforcement also had evidence tying Favors to the armed robberies after pulling his phone and Facebook records. Favors was 17-years-old at the time he committed the crimes, according to Winne.

“We felt that justice was served in this case for the victims and our community and hope that this sends a message that once you participate in these violent criminal street gangs and perpetrate senseless violence against law abiding citizens in our community that it’s not going to be tolerated,” Winne said.

A call to Jennifer Curry, Favor’s defense attorney, was not returned Tuesday afternoon.