Five injured in accident on Commerce Avenue

Published 9:30 pm Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Five LaGrange residents received minor injuries after a vehicle collision occurred Tuesday at Commerce Avenue near the intersection with Horace King Street.

According to LaGrange Police Cpl. Wesley Engle, a Ford explorer was travelling east on Commerce Avenue when an Oldsmobile turning left from Horace King Street collided into it around 10:21 a.m.

Engle said five people in the Oldsmobile, including three children, were taken to a local hospital. Engle said the driver of the Oldsmobile was cited for failure to yield at a stop sign.

“When you’re at a stop sign, you have a traffic control device and you have to yield to the traffic that you’re oncoming lane on,” Engle said. “[The driver] didn’t stop.”

Engle said drivers should always be careful at stop signs and look out for oncoming traffic.

“[When you’re at a stop sign], look left, look straight ahead, look right and look back left because you took your eyes off that way before you [go] into the intersection,” Engle said.

“Even when the traffic light turns green immediately, you should wait at least two seconds in case you have [someone run] a red light.”