Hogansville City Council rejects extending fuel line

Published 7:30 pm Monday, December 10, 2018

The Hogansville City Council unanimously voted 5-0 last week at its meeting to reject extending a fuel line to the Burger King that’s being built on Highway 54.

The city has a fuel line along Highway 54, but it does not extend across from where the Burger King is being built.

The project would have cost the city $75,727.01, but Jones Petroleum offered to contribute $20,000 to the construction.

“This is a project that is well under construction. As you know, we have a transmission line between the city and the industrial park and that this particular project will require a tacking on to that in infrastructure,” Milliron said. “You have the vacant properties that are being marketed (there), but no current development happening, but still you still have the issues with the actual pipeline itself and no connectivity.”

Milliron told the council the city wouldn’t be able to recuperate the cost in five years.

“They have given to us what they anticipate their monthly gas bill would be, but in order to do this over five years, it would actually increase it by 100 percent plus our transmission costs,” Milliron said.

Hogansville Mayor Bill Stankiewicz asked when the council would have to decide on the project. Milliron said the Burger King was supposed to open at the end of December.

“We’re holding them up from their next steps. We said we would get this on the next council agenda that we could get it on because they have to decide if they’re getting gas or if they’re going propane or some other fuel. So, we’re disenfranchising them if we don’t give them a decision,” Milliron said.

Council Member George Bailey then made a motion to accept the recommendation to not extend the fuel line. The rest of the city council then voted unanimously.

“The thing [Milliron] mentioned earlier is we won’t recoup these costs in five years,” Council Member Theresa Strickland said.

In other actions, the city council:

Voted unanimously to adopt building codes that matched the state’s codes.

Voted unanimously for no sewer improvements within the city’s 15-foot easement through 808 and 810 Blue Creek Road.

Scheduled the state of the city and town halls for next year.

Stankiewicz ended the meeting by mentioning the passing of former president George H.W. Bush, and told the story of when he met him in 1975 at a luncheon.

“I have not met a finer man in my life,” Stankiewicz said.

“He was a carrier pilot. He was a congressman. He was an ambassador to the united nations. He was an ambassador to China, and was the director of the CIA, and he refused to talk about himself. He only wanted to talk about me.”