LPD, TCSO accepting applications for criminal records restriction day

Published 7:29 pm Thursday, January 10, 2019

The LaGrange Police Department and Troup County Sheriff’s Office are accepting applications for criminal record restriction day. The event and a separate job fair will be held on March 26 at Callaway Conference Center from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

To qualify for record restriction, residents must have been arrested by the LPD or TCSO; have not been convicted at trial or pled no contest; completed a pretrial intervention or diversion program; if cases were dead docketed, declined to prosecute, dismissed, pre-trial intervention, no billed, nolle prossed, given not guilty verdict or pardoned; or if there were certain misdemeanors committed while the person was under 21-years-old.

Citizens can always get their criminal records restricted, but fees are usually associated from various agencies. The criminal record restriction day brings all of the agencies together and waives the fees.

LPD Sgt. Marshall McCoy said there will also be health screenings and a job fair in a separate area that day.

“We’re thinking we’re going to have a lot of success holding it on a Tuesday,” McCoy said. “It’s not a weekend. It’s something that people can come out to.”

McCoy said they are not covering up felonies or guilty convictions. He said the day is for restricting records that may prevent people from getting better jobs.

“We’re not covering up anything,” McCoy said. “We’re not doing anything that is not in state law that they’re entitled to. This is a chance toward true restoration.”

The only convictions that can be removed are certain misdemeanors committed before the age of 21, McCoy said.

“If you were never found guilty why should that be on your record?” McCoy said. “If you were never prosecuted, why should that stay on your record? We’re not removing convictions.”

Residents can get applications at the front offices of the LPD and TCSO. Residents can also download the application at Lagrangepd.org/Applications/Criminal_Record_Restriction. Applications are due March 8.