Hillside Montessori School receives first Greenpower Goblin elementary car in county

Published 5:30 pm Thursday, August 8, 2019

Earlier this week, Hillside Montessori in LaGrange received the first Greenpower Goblin Car Kit.

The Troup County School System was awarded a $305,000 grant from the Callaway Foundation to purchase and implement Greenpower programs in all schools, and private schools were included in this grant. The five-year grant will provide for the purchase of Greenpower car kits to 14 elementary schools and 14 secondary schools. 

The Greenpower program is a STEM initiative that allows students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on approach to engineering and project management. Students learn both mechanical and electrical engineering, project management, business communications and oral presentation skills, team building and driving skills by designing, building and racing student-driven electric racecars. There are approximately 300 GreenpowerUSA programs in the United States. About half of them are elementary programs with Goblin cars. 

The Greenpower teacher at Hillside Montessori is Ellen Jenkins. 

“I can’t wait for my kids to get started,” Jenkins said. 

Mrs. Jenkins will be able to take her kids and participate in Goblin races that are held in the south. Goblin races consist of precision driving through slalom courses, drag races and racing around an oval track for time. 

Hillside Montessori of LaGrange, Inc is a non-tax funded elementary school committed to following the pedagogical standards developed by Dr. Maria Montessori while serving preschool students ages 3-6, and elementary and adolescent students in grades 1-8. Hillside Montessori of LaGrange, Inc is proud to reside in the convenient and well-maintained school building that formerly housed Unity Elementary School.