LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Troup County can and should do better

Published 6:59 pm Friday, September 20, 2019

Dear editor,

Troup County Citizens turned out in record numbers at the September meeting of the school board. They had one thought in mind when it came to school property taxes. Troup County can and should do better.

A compelling case for reducing or eliminating school property tax for seniors was laid out by several representatives of the community. I was one of those citizens.

Hopefully the school board heard the emotion and the cry for help in some of these comments from citizens who lives are being impacted by the taxes and who in some cases are forced on a daily basis to make extremely tough financial decisions or possibly lose their home.

The board has recently changed their policy to loosen the restrictions on the ability for citizens to address the board. I applaud that decision.

However, the board has a policy of “no comment” during their sessions concerning any statement from citizens. This needs to change. How are citizens to know that their concerns and questions are being heard and addressed?

Troup County can and should do better!

In fairness I have heard from three members of the board and have received their comments that they will be looking at ways to work on this problem. That’s encouraging. 

Troup County will be listening and watching to their response. The citizens of Troup County will not rest until it is satisfactorily addressed.

The school board was elected to represent all the people of Troup County — not only students, but every citizen. I know they will do their best. We will be watching.

The citizens of Troup County do not get to “vote” on school property tax rates. They do however get to vote on “SPLOST” taxes and [Troup County School] Board Representatives. I hope this board can find the courage to do the right thing for all the citizens of Troup County.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust but verify.” 

Troup County School Board, we trust that you will quickly take action on this matter.

We together can and should do better!

Randy Atkins