Dr. Shumate celebrates Career Day and Pre-K Week at Hillcrest Elementary

Published 4:55 pm Friday, October 11, 2019

Dr. Brian Shumate, Troup County School System Superintendent, walked into Hillcrest Elementary ready to read earlier this week.

At the front desk was a book by Jackie Urbanovic, “Duck at the Door.” This short read turned out to be the highlight of his day and that of over 40 Pre-K students at Hillcrest Elementary.

While he was there to celebrate Pre-K week, he saw some of the students dressed up as doctors and police chiefs. Carol Montgomery, Hillcrest’s Principal, told him that it was also career day at the school. Before turning the first page in the book, he shared his love of reading with the students and proceeded to ask them about their clothing. He pointed to one young learner, Forest, who stated, “I am a construction worker.” Forest was dressed in all John Deere attire complete with a construction safety hat. Some of the others were ballerinas, singers, pastors and presidents.

As the story of the duck, Max, unfolded, the students listened intently about how Max began to learn how to cook and clean. When the story ended with Max bringing in his flock to live in the house, the students crowded around Shumate to give him high fives, fist bumps and hugs.  

“All the kids ask me what I do here and I like to joke with them and tell them I am here to help their principal,” Shumate said. “They just laugh and ask me what I really do. I love to be out in the buildings and see what’s going on and how we are helping kids. Ultimately, it’s all about them.”