Springwood teacher receives Loveday Foundation Grant

Published 4:59 pm Friday, December 20, 2019

Springwood School sixth grade teacher April Haney wrote a proposal to the GISA Fred H. Loveday Endowment Foundation. 

The proposal sought funds to start a garden that would serve the students and the local community. The grant required the project to involve original and innovative ideas, a significant number of students and have an impact that would continue over time.

Haney was granted $1,000 by the Fred H. Loveday Endowment Foundation to start the campus garden that will serve Springwood students and the surrounding community.

The construction on the garden will begin on Springwood’s Wildcat Workday, an annual event in May where Springwood students serve local organizations and individuals. The garden will have a water feature and benches per the proposal. Once the garden is complete, a collaborative effort between grades K4-12 will tend to the garden. 

“The school garden will provide an outreach opportunity to the people in our community and will also provide a peaceful, outdoor classroom where students can learn,” Haney said. 

Springwood School is a general member of the Georgia Independent School Association and an interscholastic member of the Alabama Independent State Association.