Letter: A lot to lose with school board election

Published 5:57 pm Monday, April 20, 2020

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Dear Editor,

TRACER asked what there was to lose by electing their candidates to the school board in the April 15 edition of The LaGrange Daily News. Quite a bit actually:

  • Teacher morale
  • Paraprofessionals in classrooms
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Reading proficiency at critical times for younger kids
  • Grounding in math skills before too late to move on
  • Music, art and theater programs as basic for multiple skills development
  • Access to after-school programs for catch-up and pursuit of talents
  • “Soft Skills” necessary for sustained employment
  • Improving graduation rates
  • Better paid bus drivers
  • Lower rates of school dropouts
  • Lower rates of teacher dropouts
  • Continued reinforcement of community appreciation of administrative leadership
  • Goodwill and cooperation among board members without rancorous divisions

Senior citizens truly appreciative of school system progress, grateful for sacrifices made for them when children, and willing to pay their part forward for the future.

It’s important to ensure an effective and cooperative board of education motivated by goodwill. Re-elect Brandon Brooks, Cathy Hunt, and Joe Franklin. And fill Kirk Hancock’s vacancy by electing Ferrell Blair.

George Henry