Rebuttal to George Henry’s letter regarding TRACER

Published 7:30 am Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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Dear Editor, not sure how George Henry came up with his list of assumptions, but he obviously has not done any research regarding the TRACER group or the candidates opposing the incumbents and their hand-picked candidate running in District 2. Let’s discuss Henry’s ridiculous claims.

  • Teacher Morale — already low, why? TRACER candidates have stressed support for our teachers and students. What has the current board done to improve morale? Obviously nothing.
  • Paraprofessionals — TRACER supports paraprofessionals in the classroom. They perform a vital service. This is an untruth by Henry.
  • Smaller class sizes — TRACER candidates want classrooms with a maximum of 20 students. Another untruth by Henry.
  • Reading proficiency at critical times for younger kids; grounding in math skills before too late to move on. Access to after-school programs for catch and pursuit of talents. 

TRACER candidates support programs for at-risk students. TRACER does not agree with promoting students that have not mastered the curriculum. This social promotion is happening now and does not benefit the student.

  • Music, art and theater programs as basic skills development —TRACER believes in funding existing programs fully before introducing new programs.
  • Improving graduation rates. Everyone wants improvement in the graduation rates. Another untruth by Henry.
  • Better paid bus drivers. TRACER has not commented at all on a bus driver’s salary. Another untruth by Henry.
  • Lower rates of school dropouts. Everyone wants this. Another untruth by Henry.
  •  Lower rates of teacher dropouts. 

Currently teacher turnover is approximately 15%. TRACER will ensure our teachers are supported by administrators and provided the materials to teach effectively so they will remain in our system.

  • Continued reinforcement of community appreciation of administrative leadership. TRACER supports Dr. Shumate and prays he can make the necessary adjustments to return our school system to a level of academic excellence.
  • Goodwill and cooperation among board members without rancorous divisions.

TRACER candidates have stated they are looking forward to working with other board members.

Anything to attempt to discredit TRACER even if mistruths are used. Shame on you, George Henry. 

Charlotte Roberts