Woman arrested after toddler found walking alone

Published 8:02 pm Monday, August 28, 2017

A woman was arrested for deprivation of a minor at the 1200 block of Hogansville Road Thursday morning.

According to the police report, police responded to a call that a toddler was walking alone in a parking lot. After finding the child and taking him back to his apartment, they found the door unsecured with two other children but no adults inside. According to the report, the children’s aunt soon came and said she took the children’s mother to work that morning.

The mother was soon arrested and the children’s aunt was issued a citation for parental responsibility.

Man arrested for marijuana posession

A man was arrested for violating Georgia’s Controlled Substance act for less than an ounce of marijuana at the area of Lafayette Parkway and Patillo Road Saturday at 12:46 a.m.

The man, 21, was an at-fault driver in a motor vehicle collision that had just happened, and, according to the police report, an officer noticed the smell of burnt marijuana coming from his vehicle.

After consenting to police searching the car, officers found a partially smoked marijuana joint in the center console and a piece of it on the driver’s-side floorboard. The man was then arrested.

Woman’s checkbook stolen

A woman’s checkbook was stolen and over $4,000 was taken out of her account. According to the police report, the woman’s checkbook was taken from boyfriend’s truck that was broken into last Tuesday on the 200 block of Commerce Avenue.

When she checked her account on Saturday, she noticed several checks were written out of her checkbook and $4,720.41 was taken out of her bank account. She said she could see the copies of the checks on her bank app on her cell phone.

Drugs found in abandoned suitcase

A suitcase with drug paraphernalia inside was found on the 1500 block of Lafayette Parkway Sunday around 5:45 p.m.

According to the police report, police were called there after a suitcase appeared to fall off a vehicle and land in the middle of the street.

There was no information found on the owner inside.

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