Man drives recklessly, runs from LPD

Published 6:52 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A man allegedly ran away from police after officers attempted a traffic stop for a headlight that was out Monday night. According to the police report, the man fled the scene after officers turned on their lights on Greenville Street.

At one point, the man opened his car door and looked like he was attempting to get out, but soon closed it and proceeded on Paxton Street. According to the police report, the man started driving recklessly, struck an embankment and his car was too wrecked to drive.  He fled on foot while two passengers exited the vehicle.

According to the police report, both passengers complained about pain and one was bleeding profusely from the face. One of the passengers told police she did not know why the driver ran away, and that she had asked him for a ride to Kroger.

Officers attempted to track the driver with a K-9, but they were able to find was his hat.

Two separate accidents lead 

to DUI charges over weekend

Two unrelated driving under the influence incidents with injuries occurred Friday evening. Eric Robinson, 37, was arrested after rear-ending the vehicle in front of him at the intersection of Lafayette Parkway and Davis Road.

The accident was severe enough to cause extensive damage to the front of his car, according to the police report. After an officer spoke to Robinson, he believed the man was only disoriented.

After putting him in the front of the police vehicle, the officer noticed the smell of alcohol coming from Robinson. According to the police report, Robinson failed sobriety tests and blew .294 blood alcohol content in the preliminary breath test. Robinson was then arrested.

The second incident occurred on Sewon Boulevard where Tyrell Tigner, 22, was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of marijuana. According to the LaGrange Police Department report, officers talked to Tigner when he was being treated by American Medical Response while they noticed the smell of burnt marijuana. After asking him what it was, Tinger admitted he had smoked marijuana before going to work a few hours before police responded to the scene.

Officers found small particles of possible marijuana on the floorboard in Tigner’s vehicle, according to the police report.

Man arrested for possession of marijuana

Michael Moat Jr., 18, was arrested for alleged marijuana possession Saturday morning. According to the police report, an officer believed he saw a hand to hand drug transaction happen in the parking lot of the Lafayette Garden Inn.

After running Moat’s license plate, it came back with no valid insurance and the officer attempted a traffic stop. According to the police report, Moat told police he only had an instructional permit and that none of the other three passengers had a valid driver’s license. The officer noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the man’s vehicle. After multiple officers arrived, the vehicle was searched and a small bag containing marijuana was found in the door frame and some has scattered across the floorboard.

Moat was arrested.

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