Search still ongoing for missing woman

Published 6:13 pm Monday, November 13, 2017

The Troup County Sheriff’s Office is continuing their search for a missing 75-year-old woman who hasn’t been seen since Friday afternoon. Carol Evans was last seen in her house in West Point Friday when her husband went to cut grass at 2 p.m. She suffers from an “altered mental state,” according to Sgt. Stewart Smith from the TCSO.

Smith said officers have not had any substantial leads and are relying on K-9s as of Monday afternoon.

“We’ve pretty much scaled back our ground operation, and we’re basically relying on K-9s at this point to see if they can hit up on any type of scents or anything,” Smith said. “We [got rid of searchers] out of these areas to kind of let the scents come out of there so the dogs can concentrate on what they need to be smelling for.”

Smith said in the first 72 hours of searching for missing persons the office uses more resources.

“From Friday night until yesterday around 6 p.m., we were pushing heavily in the woods utilizing ground searchers,” he said. “We also utilized aviation resources, and it kind of gets to a point where you feel like you’ve searched in the area you feel like she would be.”

Smith said Evans’ family is doing OK given the circumstances.

“We spoke to them [Sunday] night, and we’ve been checking in on them throughout the day, and they’re basically (holding on) as they can given the circumstances there,” he said.

Smith said the office would keep searching Monday night until the dogs give out. In addition to relying on K-9s, Smith said getting the word out about Evans to the public is also a priority.

“[Yesterday] and the next upcoming days just trying to utilize what K-9 resources we can and just continuing to get the word out that she is still missing,” he said. “This is an active missing person case.”

Smith said nearby cities have been notified, just in case someone gave Evans a ride. No foul play is suspected, Smith said.