Allen inducted into VSU hall of fame

Published 8:15 pm Sunday, January 28, 2018

LaGrange resident Ramon Allen was inducted into the Valdosta State University Athletics Hall of Fame Jan. 20. Allen was a running back for the Blazers football team starting in 1988.

Allen said it was an overwhelming and unforgettable experience to be inducted.

“I was surprised about the nomination when I received the notice back in November,” Allen said. “Of course, I thought at first it was a joke, but I got a call. One of my friends  posted on a social media website, and I called just to make sure he wasn’t joking. Then I got a call from one of these selection committee members from Valdosta State confirming my nomination into the Valdosta State Hall of Fame … It’s just a very rewarding experience that I’ve received from Valdosta State University.”

According to the Valdosta State Blazers’ website, Allen had a total of 3,071 rushing yards over his college career, the fourth highest yardage in school history.

Allen said he worked out for a few professional teams, but never signed with any of them, so he went back to Valdosta. He earned a bachelor’s in public relations from VSU and a master’s degree in human resource management. From there he has worked with Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services. Allen said his college football career has influenced his career.

“Everybody is a key component of the team, and everybody brings something to the team,” he said. “It’s like on the football field, every position, every person on the team is vital to execute that play. That’s what football does in a professional arena as well. It allows everybody to bring something to the team.”