Commission discusses Thrash Road development

Published 10:57 pm Monday, July 17, 2017

The Troup County Board of Commissioners discussed a possible property usage change on Thrash Road Thursday during their meeting.

The commission won’t have to vote on the land because the updated use won’t actually require a zoning change. Under the proposed subdivision a private drive would be introduced.

The proposed drive could affect the county road system if the group of owners ever requested that it become a public road, so the commission is being kept up to date on the changes.

“The problem that we ran into was a subdivision that came up for a final plat vote — the roads had already been built and everything had already been finalized— and the commissioners were being asked to accept the final plat, accept the final roads, and they had never seen the preliminary plat,” County Engineer James Emery said. “They didn’t know about the layout of the subdivision, so we amended the process to always come to you (on the board of commissioners) first.”

The commissioners were curious to hear the details of the new development, especially considering the apparent need for more housing that has only been confirmed in recent months by studies like the one performed by Avalanche Consulting.

“In all the studies that we’ve seen ­­— all the presentations that we’ve been in from our groups, our industrial development partly, listening to our realtors, listening to individuals that want to move into homes — there is a great need for more housing in LaGrange,” County Commission Chairman Patrick Crews said.

“The demand is there. The economy seems to be coming back … There is a strong demand, and it is just going to be more and more. It is going to keep on coming.”

The Troup County Board of Commissioners will not vote on the Thrash Road development and the information covered in the work session was purely for informational purposes.

The commission also heard requests hiring the budgeted positions of a Code Enforcement Officer and a Drug and Laboratory Administrator during the work session.

They will vote on both during their regular meeting today at 9 a.m. at 100 Ridley Ave in the government center.