Hogansville DDA approves downtown plan

Published 7:45 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2018

HOGANSVILLE — The Hogansville Downtown Development Authority unanimously approved a motion Tuesday to move forward with the Downtown Masterplan from the Georgia Conservancy.

The plan has been discussed for months, with members of the Georgia Conservancy, Village Green and Canvas Planning Group coming together in public settings to unveil their findings. The plan is now finalized and the city will apply for the Rural Downtown Revitalization grant, which provides tax credits to revitalize rural Georgia towns.

The final draft of the plan, which was unveiled last week, also included an expansion to the water tower trail and redesigning a park on Main Street into what the plan calls Hummingbird Park. It also calls for additional street art and using the city’s hummingbird theme to help grow the city.

Katherine Moore with the Georgia Conservancy was at Tuesday’s meeting to answer any last minute questions. She said regardless of the grant, much of the overall plan can still be put in place.

“This is a really high-quality document with valid community-supported recommendations,” Moore said. “There’s a lot in here that is elbow grease that the city can implement regardless of the rural zone designation. Getting the designation zone is the cherry on the proverbial sundae, but this community is still the sundae. You all have a ton of assets. I don’t want the rural revitalization zone to chart your course. You all can chart your course.”

The development authority board questioned whether adopting the plan meant that they had to move forward with all parts of it.

“Everything in here is a recommendation, exactly as that word is defined as something to be considered and potentially undertaken,” Moore said.

City Manager David Milliron said the city council will also vote on the plan, though it’s unlikely to make Monday’s agenda. The downtown development authority and council held a joint work session last week, so it’s likely most questions or concerns would’ve been addressed during that time.