Haskins running for District 29 in Georgia Senate

Published 6:36 pm Monday, April 2, 2018

Valerie Haskins, educator and veteran teacher, formally kicked off her campaign to represent District 29 in the Georgia State Senate on March 19 in Manchester.  A meet and greet hosted by Campaign Chair Cheryl Summer Shohfi led a group of dynamic supporters in attendance to rally Haskins’ campaign.

Haskins has lived in District 29 for 21 years. She has taught in Georgia, Florida and Germany for the Department of Dependent Schools and earned an Exceptional Performance Teacher Award from DoDea Schools. She is a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi, earning a MEd degree. Haskins has been active in writing curriculum, volunteering for community groups and being active in making our voices heard.

Valerie Haskins said her priority will be education, including providing and implementing fair and equitable education in a safe environment for all students. She also states in her platform that public schools are our investment for the future.

The five key issues Haskins identifies as needing top priority in health care are supporting rural hospitals, addressing alcohol and drug addiction, providing affordable health insurance to all, Medicaid expansion and woman’s health issues.

Haskins said she points to support for job creation, providing balanced health care in District 29, support for broadband in rural areas and investing in education as main issues.

The primary election is May 22 and the general election is November 6, 2018.  To find out more about Candidate Valerie Haskins visit the Facebook Page Valerie Haskins for Georgia State Senate District 29.