Commission votes in new logo

Published 8:10 pm Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Troup County is getting ready to build a brand.

The Troup County Board of Commissioners approved a new logo and tagline for the county during its regular meeting on Tuesday. The new tagline is “Start here!” and the logo uses a more modern design than the county seal, which is currently used to denote everything from county vehicles to county letterhead. County Commission Chairman Patrick Crews said during discussion on Thursday that the tagline is part of county efforts to encourage people moving to consider looking in Troup County before some of its larger neighbors. 

The logo itself is meant to highlight some of Troup County’s selling points in a subtle way with blue to represent the lake, green to represent the rural landscape and a wavy line that could be used to represent either the Chattahoochee River or Interstate 85, both of which run through the county.

“That will be on the cars and cards,” Assistant County Manager Eric Mosley said. “We will slowly do it over time. We won’t do it all in one big swoop. We know it will take some time to transition because we have obviously, some vehicles out there that it doesn’t make sense to replace them. We will be replacing some vehicles soon, and we will slowly implement that.”

Commissioner Lewis Davis asked for clarification on whether the logo would have the words Troup County below the logo, and Mosley confirmed that the county name would be readily visible, especially on vehicles where the logo is used.

“Also, we talked about having the specific department underneath [Troup County on the logo] rather than ‘Georgia.’ It could say ‘Parks and Recreation’ or ‘Public Works’ or whatever it might be,” Mosley said. 

County fire trucks and Troup County Sheriff’s Office vehicles are expected to continue to display their current logos. Commissioner Morris Jones asked that the commission be allowed to give input on the size of the logos on vehicles due to past citizen concerns over logos not being large enough on county vehicles. Commissioner Ellis Cadenhead noted that there is a legal minimum size for the logos.

“We can put it in a work session and let you look at different sizes of vehicles,” County Manager Tod Tentler said. “It has to be a minimum size.”

The new branding will take effect July 1.