LaGrange Youth Council meets with state leaders at Georgia State Capitol

Published 8:00 pm Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The LaGrange Youth Council met with state leaders at the Georgia State Capitol Tuesday.

Representative Randy Nix hosted the group and coordinated a tour of the capitol as well as time with other state leaders, including Governor Brian Kemp. 

Other state leaders who talked to the group included State Senator Matt Brass, State Representative Bob Trammell and State Representative Vance Smith. LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton also met with the young leaders. City Manager Meg Kelsey serves as one of the youth advisors.

“The trip the LaGrange Youth Council took to the capitol was one we will all remember. From meeting the governor to meeting our local representatives, we were immersed in the politics and government of Georgia,” LYC Chair Luke Daniel said. “For me, a newly-voting member of our society, it was great to see my vote in action and the people I voted for working to make Georgia a better place.”

Representative Nix visited a youth council meeting earlier in the year to encourage political engagement. Following the meeting two youth council members, Emma Strickland and Libby Criswell, participated in the page program under Nix. 

Nix also recognized the Youth Council on the floor of the state house. 

“It was a great experience for the youth of our community to visit the Georgia Capitol and see firsthand how state government operates. We appreciate Rep. Randy Nix and his staff for planning such an insightful visit,” Kelsey said.  “Our Youth Council members were afforded the opportunity to meet the governor, tour the Capitol, be recognized on the floor of the House, meet with representatives Nix, Trammell, Smith and Senator Brass, and watch an official vote of the House of Representatives. These young men and women will be future leaders in our community.  I’m very proud of all they accomplished this year. “ 

The LaGrange Youth Council is an advisory board composed of local youth that provide advice and counsel to the local governing body. The Youth Council gives local youth a more formal role in the local decision making process. This group is made up of 24 junior and senior high school students from surrounding schools.