Troup County EMA promotes Weather Alert Awareness

Published 7:40 pm Friday, March 8, 2019

Troup County Emergency Management teamed up with WTVM Storm Team 9 to promote emergency weather alert awareness to the community on Wednesday.

Due to the current severe weather season and the recent severe storms that devastated our surrounding areas, Emergency Management Director Dennis Knight joined WTVM Meteorologists Lauren Linahan and Dylan Federico at Kroger in LaGrange Wednesday to offer severe weather alert preparedness through programming emergency weather alert radios for members of the public.

Numerous local citizens and individuals from neighboring communities stopped by the booth on Wednesday afternoon to share how Sunday evening’s wave of severe storms and tornadoes had impacted their loved ones. Many also requested assistance with the programming of their weather alert radios to limit their chances of being left without adequate notifications in the future.

Weather alert radios are a vital method to receive severe weather alerts, especially when experiencing power outages due to their accommodating battery backup feature. These radios are customizable per location and are designed to send out early weather alert warnings and information as dangerous weather approaches. 

Outdoor weather sirens are mainly intended for those that are situated outdoors away from radios or televisions and should not be used as a sole method of notification because they may be difficult to hear during a storm due to wind and rain.

Troup County Emergency Management urges members of the public to have access to a weather alert radio and to develop an emergency exit plan for mobile home residents.