20 graduate from DUI/drug court

Published 5:26 pm Friday, June 14, 2019

A total of 20 graduates completed the 12-month minimum DUI/Drug Court Program Thursday, rather than facing the alternative of jail time.

Guest speaker Jimmy Pruitt encouraged those graduating from the program to always seek counsel. 

“There is always safety in multitude of counsel,” Pruitt said. “As you began to process you probably became weary of that counsel given to you, but it has been beneficial. It is because of that wise counsel you are where you are today as far as graduating.” 

Pruitt told the graduates that they must also follow an application of boundaries in life. 

“You know as well as I do through this program that there are many of boundaries,” Pruitt said. “We know as we have learned in life there is safety in boundaries and violating those boundaries can bring a danger to us.”

The mission of the program is to promote a safer community by identifying those who abuse substances while also helping them overcome that addiction.  

“You are on the verge now stepping back into society as a fruitful person that can be a productive part of society,” Pruitt said. 

“You should be proud of that because that did not come without much labor.” 

Pruitt said his mission for them is to not let their time in the program slip away with a bad decision.  

“This is not the end, this is the beginning,” Pruitt said. “Instead of having someone looking over your shoulder, it’s you now. Seek out those boundaries and responsibility yourself.”