Hogansville councilman won’t run for re-election

Published 6:53 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hogansville Councilman Fred Higgins announced in an emotional speech Monday night that he will not be running for re-election this year, noting health problems he and his wife are going through.

Higgins said his wife has Parkinson’s Disease and that he has short-term memory loss. 

Higgins reflected on the vows he took with his wife on their wedding day 58-years-ago, specifically the that refers to sickness and health. 

“I stood before a pastor in a Decatur [Alabama] … and you know how they ask you, ‘you promise to do this and you promise to do that?’” Higgins said.

 “Well, I did all of those promises. Because of that I know that God has a plan for us, and I need to get out of his way.” 

Higgins said he has enjoyed serving as the councilman for post 3. 

“We are on the road to see this town come to life again, with the leadership of our current city manager, mayor and Miss [Lyne] Miller.” Higgins said. 

“I would like everyone to take a part of what we are doing now and to be a part of making Hogansville what it was when I lived here in the 1900s.” 

Higgins thanked the council and the community for the opportunity and time he has served as a council member. 

“I ask that God would bless every single one you,” Higgins said.