Hogansville Post 5 candidates talk goals

Published 7:42 pm Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Toni Striblin and incumbent Theresa Strickland are running for the post five seat on the Hogansville City Council.

Strickland has served on the Hogansville City Council for four years and was the first African American and first woman to serve as the city’s mayor pro-tem. 

“I think the past four-years I have definitely made a difference,” Strickland said. “And I continue to talk with citizens who encourage me and continue to ask me to run again. I feel like the job that I am doing is a good job, and I will continue to push on.”  

Strickland said she feels the accomplishments the council has made has helped move the city forward, and she plans to continue that work.  

 “We have to protect the citizen’s money, we have to make the right decisions for the overall city, and I feel like that is what I am doing,” Strickland said. 

Strickland said the city’s growth will help the debt the city has occurred over the years. 

“We are growing and what is forecasted with growth of housing, businesses and changes I hope these situations will help our city prosper and take care of the debt,” Strickland said. “We have to do it hand-in-hand.”

Striblin, 57, is the co-owner of Rogers BBQ in Hogansville and said she is ready to get to work for the city if elected. 

“I have always liked to contribute to the community,” Striblin said. “I am ready to work with the city manager, the mayor and the rest of the council.” 

Striblin said if elected she will focus on regulations, infrastructure, sanitation and parks and recreation.

“First of all, I want to be making sure we are enforcing the ordnances we already have, particularly dealing with lights and sanitation,” Striblin said. “I just need to have more knowledge of what I can do to help make sure ordnances are enforced to make our town look better and cleaner.” 

Another goal of Striblin’s is to fix the identified problems with infrastructure in the city and bring more business to the downtown area of Hogansville. 

“We need to make sure all the people have their utilities up and running efficiently because they are paying for them,” Striblin said. 

Striblin has worked on multiple boards, including being a charter board member of THINC College and Career Academy’s student committee and the Troup County Historical Committee board.  

“I believe this town could do better, I believe we can be a happier place,” Striblin said. “I believe people can love living here and be proud of Hogansville.”